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The Agenda-Cafe is offered by a group of teachers and our social education worker. In the breaktime, you have a wide offer of snacks and drinks from controlled organic agriculture. Aditionally our counselors offer games of concentration.

The Agenda-Cafe is supported by the Agenda project of the City of Alsdorf.In the future it should have a library and a media center for Agenda-questions and it should become a center of communication for a responsible dealing with our world in the 21st century.

Our School in Alsdorf (Nordrhein-Westfalen) has ca. 1100 pupils, 80 teachers, 6 members of the principalship, 1 social education worker, 2 secretaries and a team of janitors. We have 35 learnergroups, classrooms, a schoolkitchen, a gym and a sportfield, various schoolyards, a playarea, a library, our canteen- and since 1999 our Agenda-Cafe.Ideenbörse In a unit of further education with the theme „schooldevelopment“ for teachers of the Gustav-Heinemann Gesamtschule in Alsdorf we („We“ are the „Agenda -Team“ consisting of 10 – 15 teachers ) dealt with the subject school and Agenda 21. In this connection the idea of the project, to make an Agenda-Cafe came into being. At our school there was a room which wasn´t used for lessons. We could redecorate the room by replacing some furniture and by the purchase of a kitchen. Now we have a kitchen with a bar and an area for eating and working with tables and chairs for ca. 40 persons.
More infos about the construction of our Agenda-Cafe can be found here.