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The steps to the Agenda-Cafe

The „Agenda-Cafe“ is managed by pupils voluntarily according to the idea of an all-day school. This concept includes the time students spend at school without having classes. Diskussionsrunde

At present there is a work-plan for adults and one for the children. Apart from that the amount of the needed food is calculated and shopping is organized. We test which kind of food the children like and we act accordingly.

Food is not the only thing offered in the Agenda Cafe.

There is a special area under construction with drums from Africa, footballs that are not produced by children, international games, toys and books for children in the school library. The „Agenda-Cafe“ is so big, that it is sometimes used for teaching. At present we are creating a media center. It contains books, lesson plans and information and also drums from Africa, footballs of fair trade, toys from many countries of the world, a film about child work and a lot more.

The „Agenda-Cafe“ is an informationcenter for the area of ecology, development with a future, and the opening of school as well as for shaping school life and a place of learning and it should be a place where everybody can relax.

We hope that our media center will always be enlarged. It contains for example the children magazine „Samsolidam“ lesson plans for the subject of child labour and to the project „Twilight“ in South Africa by Terre des Hommes, the CDs „Trips towards listening“ or with international music,a cookbook that contains international meals, folders to the topic of colonial merchandise, Agenda-plans for lessons and much more.

Further more there is a lot of information that we brought from the Interschul that we visited last year referring to „global learning“.

In addition there are media that support the teachers. In the next school year we will begin to acquire study boxes. Since we are close to „Worldhouse“ in Aachen we are in good touch and get much information. For half a year we have been borrowing various study boxes that can be tested in our Agenda Cafe. The students were fascinated by these study boxes and they had a lot of fun working with them. Our Agenda Cafe should incorporate the idea of „Agenda 21“ and thus be place of meeting. That is why we had three of hopefully many more visits from outside. The Agenda-representative of the town of Alsdorf visited us on a day of futher edducation. Then we were informed by a representative of the „Worldhouse“ of Aachen.Essende Schüler/innen At last we had a guest from South Africa. We talked about cooperation and a schoolpartnership.

Later on these contats could be deepened in the sense of opening our school. One class visited the environment department and got information about Agenda 21, rights and possibities of children participation in the youth parliament.ä. Another class visited an exposition of experience that the „Worldhouse“ organized to the topic of worldmarket in the rain forest. We made first contacts with a school in Capetown aiming at a schoolpartnership.